Lead Generation by Website Campaign

From: $200.00 / month for 3 months

Lead Generation Advertisement by Berr Printing Solutions include:

  • 150+ Page Lead Website
  • Mobile Fast Friendly Website
  • Domain (paid separately)
  • Host Service (paid separately)
  • SSL Certificate included.
  • 1 E-mail Account
  • Business Facebook Page, Yelp Page, Bing Page, Google Page
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Business Reputation on Social Media and other pages
  • Detailed Monthly Report of Calls Generated from Advertisement
  • Between 5-10 leads every month. Free Leads for first 8 months, later payment is by results.
  • NO ADDITIONAL FEES, you only pay for the leads received, and only for first 10 Leads. If you receive more than 10 leads, you still pay for only 10. The longer you are on the system, the higher your lead volume will be.


  • Sign up is $200 + 2 payments of $200, and then 8 Months of Free Leads. Or one time payment of  $600. Additional cost for host service and domain applies every year.
  • After 8 months, every lead will cost $22.40.




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  • To sign up is 1 down payment of $200 + 2 payments of $200, and then 8 Months of Free Leads. Or 1 payment when signing up of $600.
  • Also there is a cost for domain and host services yearly. The domain and host needs to be paid separately.
  • After 8 months, every lead will cost $22.40.
  • Maximum of 10 leads monthly will be charged (so only for results, for example, if you receive more than 10 leads during the same month, you will pay only maximum of 10, if you receive only 1 lead, you will pay for 1 lead only)
  • Leads are: calls, texts, emails generated from the Advertisement (website, google page, yelp page, bing page, facebook page).
  • You won’t be charged for previous leads
  • You won’t be charged for clients who call you more than once, only for first time clients, even if they make you 2-3 calls, text and emails.
  • You will receive a detailed report every month with calls, phone numbers, dates, text messages and emails generated from the website.
  • All Payments will be withdraw from credit card on file on the 1st of the month, 2-3 days processing can occur.
  • Any request for invalid leads will have to be submitted via email, specifying lead phone number and date. If a lead is approved as invalid, you will receive a credit on next bill. Here are the list of invalid leads that won’t count as part of the monthly bill:
  1. SOLICITATION. Wrong number; Trying to sell you a service/product; Seeking employment at your business. 
  2. SPAM. Call was pre-recorded; Call was otherwise not from a human (machine recorded).
  3. LOCATION NOT SERVED. Caller communicated their location, the location wasn’t listed on your profile, and you decline the job.
  4. SERVICE NOT OFFERED. Caller was looking for a physical store, or looking to buy something other than your service (for example, parts).

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